Monday, May 01, 2017

5 Reasons To Support Your Local Municipal Band

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of going to watch and listen to our local Municipal Band. The Elkhart Municipal band has been around for many decades, and features some astounding local talent. This particular concert not only featured some local soloists, but they also tackled Aaron Copland's Rodeo Suite! They did a fabulous job, so I decide to write 5 reasons that you should attend your local community band concert.

1. It's a privilege most don't have - most communities do not have the funds or enough musicians to support a local band. If you are fortunate to have one, GO SEE IT!

2. Concerts are usually fun in nature - most local bands will feature marches and light, fun pieces. These types of music can be very entertaining and fun to watch.

3. The skill level might surprise you - some local bands will challenge themselves to more difficult pieces. You may be surprised at how talented your local musicians might be!

4. You meet people from the community - You never know who you might run into. Get out and socialize. Meet people that have similar interest as you.

5. It's Free! - Most community concerts are free - GO SEE IT!

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