Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Zoom Q8 - Video and Great Sound

When I do the Vlog for Octave Music I use the Zoom Q8. The Q8 offers High Definition video with High Resolution audio. I find that the audio is much better quality than the video, as Zoom is known for it's audio products. I have recorded everything from personal family videos, vlogs, product reviews, and even live concerts. It handles high SPL very well. I love it's light weight design and portability. Admittedly if you are looking for the absolute best picture quality, this is not the camera for you, but if you are looking for something with good video and excellent sound, this is hard to beat. It comes with an XY stereo mic, and two additional XLR inputs. You can also purchase add on mics that swap easily with the XY stereo mic.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Reviewing New Reverend Roasted Maple Neck Guitars

Jake and I were able to review a couple of new guitars from Reverend Guitars. These guitars have a couple of new features from Reverend. They include the new roasted maple necks, the new string tree, and the new bolt plate on the back. As always we are big fans of Reverend. Check out the video below.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Single Knob Fuzz Pedal Shootout

Last week at Octave Music we had fun making this review video on fuzz pedals that only contain one control. Jake and I made a lot of noise as we explored the unique sonic landscapes of these pedals. These review videos will become more commonplace on Octave's YouTube channel. Click below to watch the Fuzz pedal review.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ball Family Reserve - James Valentine Limited Edition Music Man

In my opinion Music Man is making some of the finest product model guitars out there right now. Every one of their guitars is made per dealer order, these guitars are not just massed produced. Time, quality, exquisite materials make up the composition of their production models. And then, and then they do these limited edition runs of what they call, Ball Family Reserve. We just got in a gorgeous James Valentine Limited Edition BFR. Only 89 of these were made! We have number 77. It comes with a certificate of authenticity. The neck on this thing alone will leave one marveling at the detail to construction. I'm normally not a fan of gold hardware, but this gold hardware seems to fit this guitar just fine. I will let the link below describe the specifications of this guitar.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Disney With The Fam

Looking for great tips when traveling to the land of the mouse? Joel and Shari Wolfgang have started a must visit website for tips when traveling to the Disney parks. This site not only includes tips on what to pack and see, but also practical advice on how to get the most for your money inside the parks (see buying Disney gift cards at Target). Disney With The Fam also provides tons of pictures, tips on getting wake calls, and what food and drinks to try out. So plan your trip and have fun. Visit Disneywiththefam.com.

Monday, May 01, 2017

5 Reasons To Support Your Local Municipal Band

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of going to watch and listen to our local Municipal Band. The Elkhart Municipal band has been around for many decades, and features some astounding local talent. This particular concert not only featured some local soloists, but they also tackled Aaron Copland's Rodeo Suite! They did a fabulous job, so I decide to write 5 reasons that you should attend your local community band concert.

1. It's a privilege most don't have - most communities do not have the funds or enough musicians to support a local band. If you are fortunate to have one, GO SEE IT!

2. Concerts are usually fun in nature - most local bands will feature marches and light, fun pieces. These types of music can be very entertaining and fun to watch.

3. The skill level might surprise you - some local bands will challenge themselves to more difficult pieces. You may be surprised at how talented your local musicians might be!

4. You meet people from the community - You never know who you might run into. Get out and socialize. Meet people that have similar interest as you.

5. It's Free! - Most community concerts are free - GO SEE IT!