Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jacob's Foreign Language Interests

My 5-year old, Jacob, has a real interest in learning words from foreign languages.  He loves to roll his "R" when saying Spanish words.  Several times he will say things, that we think is gibberish, only to find out later that it is Chinese!!! He seems to be most interested in Spanish and Chinese.  That being said, the other day he corrected me on the meaning of a French word!

So here is the thing.  I would like to encourage him to learn new languages.  Learning them at a young age has to be easier then learning them when you are older.  Not only that, but it would be a huge advantage in this globalized world to be able to communicate in more than just English.  If you have any ideas, methods, or recommendations on how I, best can help him to learn these languages please let me know. Comment below or on my Facebook wall.  Thanks!!!

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