Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Alternative Fuel Solutions?

Biofuel pumps (B20, left, and E85, right) at a...Image via WikipediaGas prices are at $4.29 this morning. At what point will it be too expensive for people to drive to work? We need an alternative fuel solution now, not in 10 years. I try to ride my bike to work a couple times a week, but that is not a solution or practical for everyone. Oil companies can charge whatever they want. They have no real competition, simple economics.....they have it, we want it. I fear another recession if we cannot solve this problem soon. I know I am not adding any solutions by posting this, but I just need to get this rant out. What do you think? Any ideas out there? Whoever solves this problem could become a very wealthy individual.  Is local/rural mass transit systems feasible in sparsely populated areas?  Can closely located towns and cities creating interlinking transit systems?
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