Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Professor Who Gets It

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Many of you know that I am in my final semester at college.  In all my years of going to business school there has always been emphasis on "the numbers" and basic, universally acknowledged business principles.  Many times these are focused on big public businesses.  This makes it easier to provide data and allows for a more scientific examination of business principles.  Well after doing a case study on a private family business, we had a discussion yesterday in my "business strategy" class.  After going through all the technical aspects of the case the professor asked us a question.  "What is the point in analyzing all of this, if the company does not take your recommendations?".  Most of the time change won't get implemented. Why?  Because of "trust".  Then he asked "what does it take to gain trust in a tightly knitted, long running, family business?".  He then said, "business school only teaches you 40% of what you need to know.  If people don't take your ideas, you won't be successful.  What is needed to earn trust is time."  Successful people learn how to build trust.  "Those that can earn it faster will be more successful."  Finally a professor that understands and demonstrates to his students that it is more than just the numbers.  I have a lot of respect for this guy.  Well done professor. 
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