Friday, December 11, 2009


It has been awhile since I posted on this blog. It seems like I have less to write about now that Facebook and Twitter updates reach more people than what this blog will ever reach. However as of today I am going to recommit myself to writing more. The first reason is, is that I think it is important to exercise your mind and practice your writing skills. The second reason that I want to keep writing in this blog is to remind me of where I have been and the things I have done. I want to be able to look back through the archives years from now and be reminded of the events that have happened in my life. The final reason is that I feel incredibly blessed. This weekend I will celebrate my 6th wedding anniversary with my wife. She has been such a blessing to me. She pushes me to be better, she picks me up when I am down, and she is an awesome mother to our child. Within the next week we should close on our new house. What a blessing this is. After one year of waiting for this, it is finally happening. We are so thankful to family and friends who have helped us with this transition. So there you are, I will continue to keep this blog going. Sharing my life, interesting topics, and other stories.

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