Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'm looking forward to this upcoming year. To start the year off it will be my final semester working towards my business degree. It has been a lot of hard work, but I can't wait to feel the sense of accomplishment. Accomplishment provides fuel for our next challenge in life. I am also anticipating a great family trip this year. Planning is underway and I am very excited about it. I'm also anticipating getting back on the bike when it warms up again. It will be great to pick up where I left off on riding my bike into work and working to be more healthy, physically and mentally. And of course this will be our first year in our new house!!! I can't wait to build memories with my family in such a wonderful place. It truly is a blessing. I have several personal goals for this year, which I will share later, but for now I just want to enjoy this moment. The moment of being here, enjoying what is here, and anticipating what is to come.

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