Monday, April 13, 2009

Back to cooking basics

I love to cook. However I do not cook as much as I should. The other night I made Grilled Talapia with Tuscan seasoned risotto. It should be noted that I make my risotto not from a box or pre-fabricated bagged rice, pre-made meal type thing, but from abborio rice, chicken stock, and a lot of stirring the old fashion way. It just tastes better and is how it would be made if you ordered it from a restaurant. I unfortunately did not take a photo of this meal. On Sunday morning however I did decide to go back to the basics of making scrambled eggs. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to make scrambled eggs, but after watching a certain famous chef I decided to see if I could improve my technique. The result? Much better tasting and looking scrambled eggs!!! It is not that my old scrambled egg technique resulted in bad eggs, it is that this just took them to the next level. This chef actually tests all his potential new kitchen hires by having them make scrambled eggs....now that is seriousness about egg making!!!

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