Friday, January 09, 2009

Gators Win!!!

There are two teams (well maybe three teams) that I cheer for in college football, Notre Dame, Florida, and Ball State. I cheer for ND because I grew up in their back yard. Living in Elkhart my whole life has put me a half hour away from ND my whole life. I even was an usher at the stadium for a couple of years. As a kid in Jr. High and High school I had wanted to go to Florida to school. The closest that I got to that is I toured the campus when I was a Freshmen in High School. So I have always cheered for the gators....long before they were national championship calibur, no fair weather fan here!!! Finally I cheer for Ball State, because I went to School there for 2 years, I didn't finish there, but they will always be a team I hope wins. So with that I am very happy with last nights championship!!! Go Gators!!!

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