Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Jeff Kamp for President!!!

With all the negative campaigns heating up, why not vote for me? I'm not old enough yet to be prez, but here is what I will do:

No negative campaigning
I will tell you what my beliefs are and how I think we should run the country
I will be open and honest about any mistakes I make or have made
I will publish the national budget and make it as simple as possible for everyone to know what money goes where.
If a bill comes to my desk that has earmarks for things other than what that bill was intended for it will be Veto - no buying votes on my clock!!!
I will listen to what people have to say
I will start marketing this country in the most positive light!!! We are one of the most generous nations and yet people look at us as evil? This is a basic marketing issue that needs to be addressed!!!

1 comment:

brent said...

am i the trusty V.P.? i can open doors (literaly) and bring the car around in the rain (stick or automatic)