Friday, September 12, 2008

Wild Goose Chase Book Review Pt.2

Well first of all sorry for the delay in posting this. I did actually finish reading this book when I was in Vegas almost a month ago. One of the reasons I decided to hold back my review was because I wanted a chance to absorb what I had read. Once again Mark does not hold back on this book. This is definatly what I would call a sequel to A Lion in a Pit on a snowy day. Where the lion book is more about getting change moving in your life, goose is more of a how to book. The main scope of the book covers how to avoid 6 obstacles that keep you from achieving your purpose in life. I found myself trying absorb all six of these obstacles, and I think I will be apply these things in this book for many months. Again Mark has delivered an amazing and practical book that we can apply to our lives. Great Job Mark!!!

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