Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rock On!!!

Last night my engineering staff went to Chicago to see a good ole rock show. When we first stepped out of the parking garage Mr. Trump's tower was right over us. I must say most impressive building that I have seen lately. Then we walked to Hard Rock Cafe. I have not been there since they have remodeled the inside, plus Brandon had never been to one before.

After dinner we walked back to the House of Blues. There were four bands scheduled for the night and they didn't start until like 8:30 Indiana time, ouch!!! So here is a short synopsis of them:

Tyler Reed Band - Surprising first band, actually kinda liked them

Rev Theory - Loudest band I have ever heard, my ears are still ringing, seriously

Saving Abel - Could have done without, didn't do much for me

Puddle of Mudd - What I expected from a seasoned rock band, good show

So even though I have been on this huge jazz kick lately, there just comes a time when you have to get out and listen to some rock and roll. Nothing like guitar amps cranked to 10 to get the adrenaline flowing. We didn't get back until 4:00am, yep and that's right I made it to work on time!!! I could have done with three bands instead of four, it was just to long. That being said I guess we got our moneys worth. I think Rev Theory was entertaining, but honestly did they have to be so loud, it actually hurt sometimes to listen to them.

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brent said...

10 is loud. but 11 is louder!!!!