Thursday, January 24, 2008

Aladdin....errr Planet Hollywood

In general I am not a fan of the dethemeing or rethemeing of Hotels. I have stated this in previous posts. For example Treasure Island into TI. I personally liked it better when it was Treasure Island. However I must say that Planet Hollywood Hotels has done a wonderful job with putting some life into Aladdin hotel and casino.

The Aladdin has always had a history of financial problems. It is the only LV hotel and casino to be imploded and then rebuilt. However after 9/11 its history of financial woes did it in and it was recently bought out by the Planet Hollywood Hotel group. They have totally revamped the front of the hotel, changing it from a drab Arabian theme to that of the glitz and glimmer of Hollywood. On this trip it was finally finished and I thought it looked great...lots of lights, movement, and video screens. The Desert Passage Shops are now called the Miracle Mile Shops. Brent and I did not get a chance to check out the revamp of the inside, but based on the outside I think it will be a nice change. So I wish PH good luck and hopefully they can change this property into a success story.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Las Vegas

Brent and I returned from Las Vegas on Sunday. We had a great time. We took over 300 pictures, we visited Hoover Dam, saw the show Mama Mia, and in general just took in what is Las Vegas. This marks my 10th trip to LV.

We again stayed at Bally's. This is a great place as it is right in the middle of the strip. We also were able to visit the new Palazzo and get grand opening collectors chips.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Recently I have been working on my photoshop skills. In the first pictures I simulated attaching a polarizing filter to my camera...which I didn't have at the time. This makes the sky blue while still keeping the brightness of the snow.



In the next set of photos I wanted to simulate a portrait shot. I smoothed skin features, made teeth whiter, and made the background black.



Please leave any comments or suggestions.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!! Well it has been a great Christmas season and I am looking forward to the new year. Jacob is having fun playing with all his new toys. This picture shows him playing with his new train set "or Thomas as he calls it".

Jami and I really know how to party for the new year. Her and I put in new flooring in the living room New Years Eve and New Years Day ...WOO HOO!!! It was probably better that we had stayed in anyways...mother nature decided to dump a lot of snow on the Michiana area. I would say close to a foot of snow.

Jacob has an appointment on Friday in Indy for a follow-up on his surgery, please be praying that the surgery was a success and that everything is healing properly.