Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back From Vegas!!!

Well this marks my 9th trip to Las Vegas. We had a great time, all except for the airline. We were supposed to be in Vegas at 7:14pm we arrived at 2:30am and we were supposed to be at home by 3:30PM and we arrived at midnight. United customer service sucks. On top of that it took them 2 days to get our luggage back home.

Again Jami, Jacob, Mary, Mike, and I stayed at the Excalibur. At $31 a night who can pass this deal up? With decent rooms, a nice view of the pools, and convient location this hotel made our stay for the week wonderful.

One of the things I love about Vegas is the buildings. Vegas is constantly evolving. Here you can see Trump's tower rising above Treasure Island (TI).

One of the things we took Jacob to was the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at Mirage. They recently had a baby dolpin named Srgt. Pepper. Jacob loved watching the dolpins swim by and everytime they splashed their tail fins on the water he said "boom".

One night Jami and I went to MGM Grand and went to the show "Ka". This show is awesome. When you welk into the theater it is very cool. The stage is a big hole with fire balls coming out of it. The show is actually performed on a moving, rotating platform. It is technically amazing. I was so impressed by the stage that my wife pointed out to me that I missed the whole plot of the show. I said I know but did you see how they did that?!? Amazing. Still have not seen a Cirque show that I haven't liked.

Of course everytime you go to vegas you have to see the Bellagio fountains. I don't care how many times I have seen them they are still awesome. This is by far one of the best free shows in Vegas.

another cool thing that Jami and I got to do was visit City Center's Sales office. This was cool for me because I have been following this 9.8 billion dollar project for some time now. They had models of the project and you could actually go and sit in the suites that they are building. This place was very professional and the sales staff was excellent. It was also cool to see how far the building had progressed since Brent and I were there in January.

This Lamborgini was parked outside of Ceasers Palace. I had to take a pic. Very cool.

Ladies and Gentlemen Now Presenting "Jacob and the Red Piano"
Jacob plays Las Vegas. He had a great time at FAO Swartz toy store. He found this Red Piano and went to town he had the whole floor cracking up. He also played on the Big Walking Piano.

This is a picture of Jami and I on top of the Stratosphere with the LV Strip in the background.
This is a picture of Bally's. This is where I think I am staying for the guys trip in January. This will mark my 10th trip to LV!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


So it has been awhile since I have posted. First Sunday we went and visited Jami's half brother's family. They were in town and it has been a couple of years since we have seen them. Everyone had a great time. After that Jami, Jacob, and I went to Indianapolis. We did not get there until after midnight. On Monday we went to Riley's children hospital. Jacob will have to have surgery, probably sometime around November. Nothing major, but still surgery.

Last week I went to the leadership conference at my church. Not as good as in the previous years, but I still came away learning from it.

On the music front, Brent and I are forming a jazz trio. This ought to be fun, interesting, and challenging. Jazz has been pretty much all that I have been listening to here lately. It's like a jazz marathon. Also check out Rob's blog as he just completed an awesome drum and he is working on one of my guitars. I can't wait to see the finished project, Rob is so talented at this stuff. It is awesome to see a person in their element.