Monday, July 16, 2007

Pastor Beeson's Weekend Message

Pastor Beeson gave an awesome message this weekend on not being casual with our lives. He was just back from being on camp with the Junior High School kids. He told us what he told them. "do not be casual with the things you care about. If you want to be first chair in the orchestra you will not get there by being casual in your practicing." He also told a great story about scuba diving and a scuba buddy who was casual about listening to the rules of scuba diving. Anyways in classic Dr. Beeson storytelling style he brought these stories back to Christ and the book of Malachi. We should not be casual about following God's commands. As Malachi points out in 1:8-14 we should not offer our second bests, we should offer our best to God. Malachi makes the point that "the way you treat somebody really reflects the way you feel about them." If you claim to have respect for them, but treat them with contempt, your true feelings about them are revealed. I just think about all the things that I/we should put more effort into and not be so casual about, especially when it comes to God and religion. You can listen to the message here for one week
Weekend message.

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brent said...

Mark is a great guy. it's ashame you had to choose that still shot to make him look like he has no teeth. nice post though.