Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Ok so Brent is bragging about his girls over on his blog so I thought I would brag about my kid. It is amazing how fast they grow. Anyways Jami and I took Jacob to New Buffalo about a month ago and we walked along the beach. We had a great time!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vegas Rant

As many of you know I am a huge fan of Las Vegas. That being said I am not happy with the current trend. It was just annouced that the Luxor is undergoing a $300 million detheme-ing renovation.
Click here to read the details. I can certainly understand the casinos wanting to get rid of the kid freindly atmosphere of the 90's, but everyone is going to this hip, ultra modern feel and look. As far as I am concerned every hotel was fun to go to, however cheesy the theme was, just because they were different. Now every hotel has some hip ultra modern club or bar that looks and feels the same as every other hip and modern bar. This all started when Treasure Island changed its name to TI and got rid of the Pirate show. The sirens of TI are nice, but aren't adults entitled to a good pirate show every now and then. I just think this new ultra modern renovation of LV has taken away a lot of its creativity...rumor has it there going to take down the Sphinx in front of the Luxor.....it is a pyramid!!!, what is wrong with having an eygption theme!!! Anyways I just had to get this off my chest....next will they detheme new york new york, or paris. Alladin lost its theme, Now that it is the planet hollywood. Don't get me wrong I still love Vegas, I'm just not to excited about this current trend.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Pastor Beeson's Weekend Message

Pastor Beeson gave an awesome message this weekend on not being casual with our lives. He was just back from being on camp with the Junior High School kids. He told us what he told them. "do not be casual with the things you care about. If you want to be first chair in the orchestra you will not get there by being casual in your practicing." He also told a great story about scuba diving and a scuba buddy who was casual about listening to the rules of scuba diving. Anyways in classic Dr. Beeson storytelling style he brought these stories back to Christ and the book of Malachi. We should not be casual about following God's commands. As Malachi points out in 1:8-14 we should not offer our second bests, we should offer our best to God. Malachi makes the point that "the way you treat somebody really reflects the way you feel about them." If you claim to have respect for them, but treat them with contempt, your true feelings about them are revealed. I just think about all the things that I/we should put more effort into and not be so casual about, especially when it comes to God and religion. You can listen to the message here for one week
Weekend message.

Friday, July 13, 2007

mirror or window | wodniw ro rorrim

I am finaaly reading the book "Good to Great" by Jim Collins. I have been wanting to read this since I have heard him speak at last years Leadership Summit. So I am only a couple of chapters in and am all ready intrigued by a couple of his findings. One of them had to do with the attitudes of Good to Great CEOs. These are CEOs that had good companies and lead them to Great companies. Most of them were very humble and contributed a lot of success to luck. What it really comes down to though is that they look externally at success and internally for failures. When a CEO who is not leading a good company has failures they look outside the window to look for reasons why. They blame things on bad employees, environment, bad markets. When they have success they look at themselves in the mirror and brag about their achievements. In contrast the CEOs that

lead "good to great" companies look at themselves in the mirror when they have failures. They critizie themselves and look for solutions. When they have success they look out the window and give credit to employees, hardwork, and yes even sometimes luck. How many times do we blame others for our shortcomings? How many times do we brag about ourselves when other people have helped us to achieve success? How many times do we settle for good, when we could be great?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blog on Blogging

So a couple of years ago I started this blog, mostly because people from my church were doing it and I wanted to try it out. I have found it to be one of the best tools for documenting things that are going on in my life. Who knows 20-30 years from now I might have enough material to write a biography or something. Lately though I have been very excited about my freinds joining the blogosphere. My wife too has also started writing again. Everyday I look forward to reading what is going on in the lives of the people around me. So with this I say welcome and enjoy the journy. You can visit my friend's blogs from the links on the sidebar.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Logo on Guitar

Rob cam over Sunday with the finished logos. They are really cool. We are experimenting to see how long they last with just putting them on the guitar. If that does not work we will then investigate clear coatting them into the guitar. Until then it looks really good and I am very happy with the results. Rob is really good with this stuff.....check out the link to his blog and then drum he made for Brent. Anyways thanks again Rob and I look forward to future projects.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Transformers Movie Review

Big thanks to my brother-in-law Chad for hooking me up with a ticket last night to see the Transformers movie. When I was growing up I loved the transformers. I had many of the action figures. After I would get home from elem. school I would go up to my parents room and watch the Transformers cartoon. I even remember being upset when the space shuttle Challenger blew up because the news canceled my Transformers!!! Sad I know.

Anyways the movie is awesome. I am glad they waited until now to do this movie the computer animations are amazing. I was like a kid in the candy store watching this movie.
So officially I give it two thumbs up. After waiting so long to see this it lived up to my expectations.
I cannot wait for the sequell to come out, I know probably a couple of years away but it will happen. This was just to good to not have another one.