Saturday, December 16, 2006

Men's Leadership Breakfast Week 2

Sorry I am late posting this, but here are my notes for week two of the Men's Leadership Breakfast:

- Do you see opportunities as seed or harvest
- Don't insulate yourself from adversity
- Opportunities often look like insurmountable obstacles. So if we want to take advantage of these opportunities, we have to learn to see problems in a new way--God's way. Then our biggest problems may just start looking like our greatest opportunities.
- I think we'd be amazed at the percentage of prayers aimed at problem reduction.
- It's our past problems that prepare us for future opportunities.
- Maybe prayer is less about changing our circumstances than it is changing our perspective.
- Don't let what's wrong with you keep you from worshiping what's right with God.
- The most important choice you make everyday is your attitude.
- Lion chasers are more afraid of lifelong regrets than temporary uncertainty.
- There will always be an element of uncertainty.
- The reward for good work is more work.
- Tiny differences in input can quickly become overwhelming differences in output.
- Good is often the enemy of great
- One courageous choice may be the only thing between you and your dream becoming reality.

There are so many more quotes I could have added, but I didn't want the list to get too long. Next week is the last week, so I will add chapters 7,8,and 9 notes next week.

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