Monday, October 16, 2006

Branford Marsalis Quartet Concert Review

Well it has been awhile since I have went to a jazz concert. But last friday I went to see the Branford Marsalis quartet at the Chicago Symphony Hall. I went with my good friend Brent Kattau. Now if you have never seen modern jazz before this concert would be a little different for you, but I thought it was one of the best all around bands I have seen. This group builds an idea, puts you on the edge of your seat and then starts the next idea. Now I have been on the floor of the cso before, but never before have I sit in the top balcony. I new I was in trouble when they offered shoulder harnesses (just kidding)....here are a couple of pictures, but they don't really show you how high up this balcony is, or how steep it is.
Here is my member breakdown:

Branford Marsalis (tenor & soprano saxophones): Whimsical, outstanding saxophonist and leader. Very comfortable with letting his quartet and not himself be the star of the show.

Joey Calderazzo (piano): Fast, Best jazz pianist I have ever seen. I normally could care less about the piano player, but let me tell you....THIS GUY IS AMAZING. Normally (me being a saxophone player) I would go away from a show like this talking about the sax player....this show for me the piano player was incredible....go buy Joey Calderazzo CDs I am sure you won't be dissapointed....sidenote: Branford produces Joey's CDs
Eric Revis (bass): Steady foundation. Honestly for me it was a little hard to hear the bass, as fast as his fingers were moving I'm sure they have to hurt.

Jeff "Tain" Watts (drums): Mountain of thunderous sound. This guy isn't the time keeper. He adds such depth when he plays. Almost as if he were the canvas for the other members of the band. I have never seen anyone set people up for entrances like he did....CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR...so clear that even a bigging band student would come in on time..DRUMMERS: GO LISTEN TO "Tain"...learn how the drums don't have to be a time keeper, but a true sonic part of the band.

In summary these guys were amazing. Blistering fast speeds....Slow eloquent ballads....there were times when Brent asked me where's one?....I politely said I have no clue, but I'm sure they do. They played such fast and different time signatures it was truely amazing... so to the Branford Marsalis Quartet I say...thanks for reminding me why I love jazz...it has been awhile but thanks!!!

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brent said...

as i read your fine summary of the greatness, i giggled out loud about asking you were "one" was. that was a most impressive display. i think that it needs to be noted that even though we went to see Brandford, he only involed himself or at least played 60% of the time. Just enough to be ready for him to come back in. good times.