Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I've been thinking a lot about risks here lately. Not the kind of risks that the skiier in the picture is taking, but personal life decision risks. How many times are we just sitting back in our comfort zone and 10 years down the road wishing we would have taken a risk that would carry us out of that zone and on to greater personal life success? I'm not talking about money success, but what I am talking about is the success of feeling that you have done in life what you were meant to do. I think one of the many things that keeps us from taking those kinds of risks is the fear of failure. What will people think if we try something and fail? If you experience personal gowth from that failure have you really failed? Maybe that risk attempt is one the best personal growth things that you could have done. Externally it may appear to have been a failure, but internally it is setting you up for success in the future. Maybe we don't take risks because we are in such a good position that people will ridicule us for leaving something that they consider great. What these people fail to realize is the presence of where that risk taker is in their life. Maybe the risk taker can leave their comfort zone, take a risk, and then come back later in their life to make a positive change on their comfort zone. All of this is running through my head....I see so many people that want to take risks, but are so afraid to to leave their comfort zone, and then I see people who take risks to improve their personal well being...both groups seem to have their positives and negitives. What are we willing to risk for personal growth?

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